The beatles discography

In their native United Kingdom, between 1962 and 1970, the Beatles released 12 studio albums, 13 extended plays (EPs) and 22 singles. However, the band's. The Beatles Complete U.K. discography - Entry Portal. Find The Beatles discography, albums and singles on AllMusic. Discography of The Beatles' albums, singles and EPs released in the UK, on the Beatles Bible website. The Beatles Complete U.K. Discography - Main Entrance and Whats. Forty-one fully detailed Beatles discographies from around the world, with track listing, release dates, and cover artwork for singles, albums The Beatles Discography: Album by Album A look at how the Beatles' music evolved from their first record to their. The Beatles The Beatles in 1964. Clockwise from top left: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison Background information Origin Liverpool. BREAKING NEWS: NEW BEATLES DISCOGRAPHY BOOKS !!!! The Beatles worldwide encyclopedia for singles and EP's CLICK ON THE BOOK FOR A PREVIEW BUY THIS AMAZING The Beatles are arguably the most famous, critically-acclaimed and successful popular music artists to have ever existed—certainly the preeminent group Collection of Beatles 45's, US Singles, picture sleeves, memorabilia and solo records by John Lennon, Ringo Star, Paul McCartney, George Harrison.